Upcoming rituals:

21-10-2017 – Nemis
Copperfields, Stockholm with Nekrokraft and TBA

27-10-2017 – Spökrock
Kulturcentrum, Luleå with Skeleton Birth, Venegence and Medusa

28-10-2017 – TBA


Past rituals:


02-09-2017 – Metal-kväll
Freja-lokalen/Kulturhuset, Skövde with Hladomrak and Thoron


16-10-2015 – As The Stars Align
PSB, Stockholm with Wormwood and Nebulous Aura
26-09-2015 – Grift ”Syner” Releaseparty
Gillestugan/Folkets Hus, Lidköping with Grift
08-08-2015 – Noise From The Crypt
Copperfields, Stockholm with Human Desolation and Libertad O Muerte
06-06-2015 – Matchoff Open
Öglunda with Snutjävel, Dystra Li, Rolling Thunder among others
09-05-2015 – Vårens Hårdaste Kväll
Lidköpings Bowlinghall, Lidköping with M:40, MÄBE and Öken
18-04-2015 – Dark Metal Night
Café Fiasco, Oslo with Tvivel
15-03-2015 – Söndag på Freja

Freja-lokalen/Kulturhuset, Skövde with Totem Skin, An Anecdote and Holiday Cramps
13-03-2015 – Metalkväll Tvivel-release
Loke-lokalen/Kulturhuset, Skövde with Tvivel and Falkhan
28-02-2015 – Vinterångest
Uddebo with Två Krig and Förfall


12-12-2014 – Lusserock
Saga teaterbiografen, Tidaholm with Mile, M.A.M.A among others
05-11-2014 – Kiss exhibition
Västergötlands museum, Skara with Castra
06-09-2014 – Open Mic Night
Norra Trängallén, Skövde with Browsing Collection, The Glacial Years among others.
02-08-2014 – Varola Festival
Nolgården, Varola with Houdini, Modern Youth Club, ACDD, Salt among others.
28-06-2014 – Club Amplified

Sofiehof, Jönköping with Grace.Will.Fall and Sinners Burn.
26-06-2014 – Torsdagsallén

Allégården, Borås with Christoffer Johansson.
06-06-2014 – Matchoff Open
Öglunda with Otheas, Rolling Thunder and Deathleifs.

Loke-lokalen/Kulturhuset, Skövde with M:40, Totem Skin and Implode.
28-02-2014 – Livekarusellen
Rosa Skolan, Tidaholm with Time To Fail, Mustard Jane, K.A.Z. and -20 Grader.
06-02-2014 – Livekarusellen
Sockerbruket, Lidköping with Time To Fail, Mustard Jane, K.A.Z. and -20 Grader.
24-01-2014 – Livekarusellen
Skultorps Fritidsgård, Skultorp with Time To Fail, Mustard Jane, K.A.Z., -20 Grader and ACDD.


Sockerbruket, Lidköping with Nionde plågan, Tengil and Rolling Thunder.
25-05-2013 – Matchoff Open
Öglunda with Rolling Thunder.


Sockerbruket, Lidköping