Upcoming rituals:

Lorient, Linköping (Sweden) with Nekrokraft and The Generations Army


Past rituals:


Freja-lokalen/Kulturhuset, Skövde (Sweden) with Speglas and Thoron

Copperfields, Stockholm (Sweden) with Nekrokraft and Speglas

Kulturcentrum Ebeneser, Luleå (Sweden) with Skeleton Birth, Venegence and Medusa

Kemi Factori, Kemi (Finland) with Skeleton Birth



16-10-2015 – As The Stars Align
PSB, Stockholm with Wormwood and Nebulous Aura
26-09-2015 – Grift ”Syner” Releaseparty
Gillestugan/Folkets Hus, Lidköping with Grift
08-08-2015 – Noise From The Crypt
Copperfields, Stockholm with Human Desolation and Libertad O Muerte
06-06-2015 – Matchoff Open
Öglunda with Snutjävel, Dystra Li, Rolling Thunder among others
09-05-2015 – Vårens Hårdaste Kväll
Lidköpings Bowlinghall, Lidköping with M:40, MÄBE and Öken
18-04-2015 – Dark Metal Night
Café Fiasco, Oslo with Tvivel
15-03-2015 – Söndag på Freja

Freja-lokalen/Kulturhuset, Skövde with Totem Skin, An Anecdote and Holiday Cramps
13-03-2015 – Metalkväll Tvivel-release
Loke-lokalen/Kulturhuset, Skövde with Tvivel and Falkhan
28-02-2015 – Vinterångest
Uddebo with Två Krig and Förfall


12-12-2014 – Lusserock
Saga teaterbiografen, Tidaholm with Mile, M.A.M.A among others
05-11-2014 – Kiss exhibition
Västergötlands museum, Skara with Castra
06-09-2014 – Open Mic Night
Norra Trängallén, Skövde with Browsing Collection, The Glacial Years among others.
02-08-2014 – Varola Festival
Nolgården, Varola with Houdini, Modern Youth Club, ACDD, Salt among others.
28-06-2014 – Club Amplified

Sofiehof, Jönköping with Grace.Will.Fall and Sinners Burn.
26-06-2014 – Torsdagsallén

Allégården, Borås with Christoffer Johansson.
06-06-2014 – Matchoff Open
Öglunda with Otheas, Rolling Thunder and Deathleifs.

Loke-lokalen/Kulturhuset, Skövde with M:40, Totem Skin and Implode.
28-02-2014 – Livekarusellen
Rosa Skolan, Tidaholm with Time To Fail, Mustard Jane, K.A.Z. and -20 Grader.
06-02-2014 – Livekarusellen
Sockerbruket, Lidköping with Time To Fail, Mustard Jane, K.A.Z. and -20 Grader.
24-01-2014 – Livekarusellen
Skultorps Fritidsgård, Skultorp with Time To Fail, Mustard Jane, K.A.Z., -20 Grader and ACDD.


Sockerbruket, Lidköping with Nionde plågan, Tengil and Rolling Thunder.
25-05-2013 – Matchoff Open
Öglunda with Rolling Thunder.


Sockerbruket, Lidköping