Erik Svensson – Bass and vocals (2012-)
Max Warnby – Guitar and vocals (2013-)
Johan Björkman – Drums and vocals (2014-)
Jimmy Hautajärvi – Live Guitar (2017-)

Past members

Olle Olsson – Vocals (2013-2016)
Emil Svensson – Drums (2012-2014)
Gabriel Raimondo – Guitar (2012-2016)


Back in 2011 in Lidköping, Sweden. Erik and his brother Emil wanted to get some emotional venting, get their frustration and anger out. They had trouble finding any friends to join them in doing that, so they started making music just the two of us. Our ambition and goal was the same so it was never any turbulence, and soon after that we recorded a short DIY split in the early 2012 with the one man noise artist, Phí. It was released digitally and on CD and thus Seedna was created.

They struggled to find musicians that shared their ambitions and musical taste, they sure did like the sad atmospheric music they created from their emotions. Never really thinking of what genre they were playing, it all comes from a lot of different places and styles but one thing always had to be there. It had to be dark, and atmospheric. Some people joined and left because of musical differences. But Gabriel stayed, and they created ”Tindalos”. The first full length album. Released by themselves digitally on November 1st, 2013.

”Erik: Looking back on that album now I feel a lot of frustration in it, we did struggle to keep our self on the same page a lot of the times. And no one of us really knew anything about recording properly or mixing and mastering. But we did all that without any knowledge and I like the result even today, it has a special feeling over it.”

So with ”Tindalos” released, they wanted more people to join so they could go further with their music and ambitions to create dark and atmospheric music. In late 2013, Olle and Max joined the band.

   A creative bloom happened and it didn’t take long before they had the ”Sulphur” album written. It was recorded in May, 2014. But it took almost a year before it was released by themselves on April 14th, 2015. Digitally and soon after on digipak-CD. But the time between was all for the good because they all got to know Johan, he was the person who mixed and mastered ”Sulphur”. And at this time Emil was about to move to Stockholm and that’s about 350 kilometers away from Seedna’s hometown, Lidköping. So he wanted to leave the band.

Max: ”I remember sitting next to Johan one time when he was mixing Sulphur. Focusing on the drum sound at the time, and he just randomly says ”Cool beat, it would be fun to play this kind of music”. So, knowing things are kind of uncertain with Emil moving and all, and knowing Johan is a great drummer, I asked him to come to the next rehearsal and jam with us. Perfect fit. We wrote one of the more gloomy parts of our song ”Wander” on one of those first jams, if not the first. ”

From there things moved forward, doing a lot of gigs between writing, jamming, recording demos, scrapping ideas and really discussing what the next album should be like. In late 2015 they sent out a demo of ”Wander” to record labels. Getting a response from Kunal Choksi, who runs Transcending Obscurity Records. He was really interested in releasing the upcoming album ”Forlorn”. It was released on July 15th, 2016. Getting very positive reviews and high grades.

Erik: ”During the process of creating Forlorn, we felt the really hard part of doing the music that we do, we are all kinda stubborn and know what we want and how certain things should sound. We discuss a lot, all the time about almost every little detail, and it often got hectic and very uneasy. But Seedna came out stronger as a band, and are growing stronger still. Forlorn was created out of this hard and uneasy time, but we believe it is the best we have ever done and we would go through all of it again! Which we will do in the future.”

In 2016 Olle and Gabriel left the band due to musical differences amongst other things. All on good terms with the rest of the band.
Max, Johan and Erik decided to take on the vocal part themselves, instead of finding a new singer. As for the missing second guitar, Jimmy Hautajärvi is handling that part on the live shows.



Compilations/other releases: